Had an interview this morning..
Interviewer - have you used github?
Me - yes
Intw - so, you have a profile on github?
Me - yes (** in mind, I don't think github will allow me without that **)

Intw - how many commits have you done?
Me - ** what kinda qust is this ** well,... Yeah... Umm.. A lot! 🙄

Intw - how much is a lot for you?
Me - umm... Well... A lot lot... So many... I mean a lot of... **Long pause** .... You see, I'm a commitment type of guy. ** Wtf did i just say?**

Intw - Whattt!! Then he laughed.

... and I used to think that my days of embarrassing interviews are over. I'm not going to that company doesn't matter what happens. Shitt 😐

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    I have major issues with companies who make any judgement of your ability or suitability based on your GitHub activity.
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    For me, it says more that they are looking for someone who will spend lots of time outside of working hours... well, working (for nothing). They're looking for a rock star.
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    But what if I prefer gitlab?
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    What is the right answer? I make 1,000 commits a day, because I keep making bugs that need fixing and I don't test my work correctly?
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    @DjWawa what if you prefer Bitbucket ?
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    he's probing to see what you consider to be a lot of work so he can prepare you for the slave ship hours you would be putting in.

    TLDR he's lubing your anus before he rams it in
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    @Mr-brobot this is hilariously scary
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    That company will buy the company you decide to work at next. Watch.
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    I'm a commitment type of guy.. you trolled interviewer :D :D seriously that is not a type of question he should be asking, but he probably wanted to know how frequently you commit code.
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    @DevToast yeah, I am realising now. :P
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