I am Graduate student of applied computer science. I am required to select my electives. Now i have to decide between Machine Learning (ML) and Data Visualization. My problem is Machine Learning is very theoretical subject and I have no background in ML in my undergrad. In data visualization, the course is more focused towards D3.js. Due to lack of basic knowledge i am having second thoughts of taking ML. However, this course will be offered in next Fall term. And i am also studying from Coursera to build my background till that time.

I know there is no question here but I need a second opinion from someone experienced. Also, please suggest any other resource that I should look into to build my background in ML.

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    Oh, dont be afraid of visalization, even if you choose not to use js, there are a bunch of graphics libraries available so you can even write your own framework in no time. I dont have much experience with machine learning, but from my experience, its less programming and more maths, so go for that if thats your preference.
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    @BindView Thanks for your reply. As per my curriculum i am required to use Js and more specifically d3.js. I have never worked on JS or D3 before. Can you suggest me any good online material that will give me crash course course to JS? Also, anything related D3 will also be helpful.
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    ^both good suggestions. For more of a beginner perspective, check out Kirupa Chinnathanbi. Depending on how deep you're trying to dive, Wes Bos might also be of help. The codeschool courses on JS are all great. Site point has useful info a lot of the time. Codecademy's classes are good, but not as good as codeschool imo. No Starch Press has an actual book about data visualizations in JS, and they talk about the d3 library at the end of the book. Most of the book is using really old shit though, so I'd say just download it as PDF for those couple chapters. Good luck!
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