I have an idea
Imagine an objective social media platform
which is like a cms

everything you add to the platform can be anything you want it to be

depending on the properties of any given thing, the client will render it differently, and the blockchain will compute differently.

You go to site.com

you create some "thing"

you give that thing a name,

a facebook post

the platform looks up all the schema's used for thing's named "a facebook post", and suggests the most popular, which would be a "thing"/"object" with the properties comments, with the type list of other things, reactions, which is a list of reactions, reactions being likes, loves, laughs, etc.. a property called shares.. etc.. etc..

so the platform is a cms which can adapt, create, and display data based on what that thing is objectively depending on its properties. You could have tweets, reddit posts, youtube videos, all on the same platform.

If you get my drift, hit me up, ireply@myleisure.com.au,
first principles

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    So a platform for representing content from other platforms?

    Nice on paper but may need to be very restricted on what content gets presented and to who
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    @lotd permissions and privacy is just another property that can be added to the "thing". It would have to work via encrypting the cloned data and only decrypting it by asking the entity who owns the data if it's okay to render in X client state.

    The idea initially spawned as a way to host a cloned version of a facebook group with more features than a facebook group, like deeper comment chains than 2 levels, stats on the post like active commenters, only show comments that have active discussions, etc etc..

    so the privacy concern is initially answered by only creating links with public content, private content is manageable though

    I've thought a lot about this, it's practically my life's work, probs gonna peace out though
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    @lotd not just other platforms but any platform, any bit of json, json is just a list of properties with keys, and nearly every computer system uses json, so we can generalise every twitter post, reddit post, etc.. into a similar schema.

    It's what google and some other companies have been working on at schema.org
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    @lotd I sound like an idiot now but, I've already built a large part of this platform, it could do what facebook, twitter, reddit, uber, ebay, amazon, airbnb, shopify, wordpress, squarespace, ..do, it's just a graph with a ui for building json objects, so the whole platform is defined by the user's, or whatever scripts use it as a database.

    There are 3 layers, the database/blockchain, the server, and the client, this means that anyone can build their own client, which would use the server and blockchain, or they could write their own server and client

    The client is a little bit special because it needs to support some fundamental features for this platform to work
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    @lopu interesting, how about loading external resource refs? Would probably need to be vary of malicious content that might be hidden in images or such..

    Block chain database, hmm.
    It could work quite nicely for decentralized setup, but wouldn't it also be a bottleneck down the line?
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    @lotd what kind of resources would they be? Binary data? With an extension attached?

    I'm not sure if this has to do with what you're saying but you can create binary buffers as a json properties value, so you can store resources like css, sass, scss, coffee script, html, jade, pug, angular, vue, react, javascript, as the property of a json object, that json object will need some meta data but that's how I would imagine loading external resource refs, oh wait that's not really what you meant? Ah it kind of is, so, ideally, the css for a "thing" can be stored as a property of that thing, and it can either parse a string of css, or it can have preloaders applied to it meaning that you can create a "thing", give it some sass, and other people can use it on their site like a widget and it has all of it's own stuff taken care of, and it's a framework + a json schema. Does that make sense? In terms of web development, it's a way of creating web components out of javascript objects
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    @lotd ahhhh, yeah so these are the couple of ideas I've been knocking about.
    As to what blockchain technology to use, I would go with a graph and consensus style like ripple or iota, and, in terms of how to store data, I'm wondering between an event chain, so every event in the system is recorded individually and then you can generate states and validate transactions and future events through past events, but, that list will keep on growing, so I'm not sure what to do about the size of even just the event chain.

    But that begs another question, the actual database state, if a lot of different people are hosting lots of different sections of the database state, then it's their responsibility to submit a hash table + a section hash to contribute towards building the consensus hash, which is a hash of all the data in the database.. A routing table is created out of all submitted hashes. Multiple people can be available ip's for a single hash path, re: IPFS interplanetaryfilesystem
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