Oh i cant wait to fail my exam in 6 hours because i forgot that i even have one and when i tried to study yesterday i realized that 90% of the papers is just fucking equations we have to memorize. Yay for quality education with most of the curriculum being fucking useless. I want to either quit this shithole or kill myself but both would make my mom upset.

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    Just hang in there bud. Once it is all over you will be glad.
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    Plus, if you die I will be the only Java guy here. I need you alive man.
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    @AleCx04 being depressive is my character trait
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    There are more Java guys then you both out there, but they are waiting in the shadows for the right Moment. But that is still no Reason to quit or kill yourself, just remember you are not alone and Theresa are always people willing to help. But Yeah to remember equations sucks.
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    Why bother taking it 😬 chill. Do something productive or fun. 😁
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    @2xCmet Who da fuck Theresa??
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