Anyone know of tutorials which use...unconventional project premises? Usually you see To-do apps, sample blogs, and other such generic offerings. Not that those are bad, but I'm interested in finding more outlandish, unconventional examples. Like, say, developing a mock GUI for a spacefaring vessel.

I'm personally interested in examples pertaining to React, VueJS, and Laravel, but if it fits the outlandish and unusual criteria I'd love to see it all the same!

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    If you wouldn't be looking for a tutorial I would say write your own and share it with everybody here on devRant, because I don't think you are the only one who wants some different Tutorial.
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    @2xCmet I've had the thought of doing just that. I was curious to see what already exists.
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    @Jantho1990 can you mention me, when you are releasing it on devRant don't want to miss it.
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