Thanks google...

Edit: vat in Germany is 19% but that doesn't add up to 2,56$
According to the bill, vat was 0.33€ ($0.4)

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    In Europe we have this 20% tax for things that are not necessary for living so... In fact it's not really the Google's fault
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    Since you live in the EU (like i do too) you have to include VAT (+25%) too.
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    Yes, but than it's still 5ct to much. I don't really care that it's ~50ct extra, just thought it was a bit much for 20-25% taxes
    $1.99 = 1.63€
    1.63€ * 1.25 = 2.0375€
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    @IRonnyc uh, that's right, where do these 5ct go?
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    Wrong rate, there are two rates, buy and sell from one currency to each other, also some companies do not calc with exact rates to prevent loss by a unexpected currency drop

    Anyway, code works, test is wrong
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    @tkdmatze that makes sense. The 1.63€ seems to be the mid-point of buy and sell...
    Thanks for shedding light on this 👍
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    It costs €2.49 in Italy, so it could be worse.
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    In sweden it's 2.79$
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