Most awesome game ever! It mostly plays by itself and cheats... or maybe it a bug: You (as Autoplay) don't have to beat all the NPCs to advance....

Strangely it feels sort of familiar... O right bc I usually God Mode all games..... But still need to play thru them manually.

Also there's some Chinese left in one of the buttons... they forgot to translate... But maybe that's... Most of time all we care about is the graphics and seeing rank go up....

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    Let me translate that for ye, it says level up and get returns, I guess it means if you reached high lvls they give you rewards for it. Also, wtf marriage unlock lol. Btw I am chinese and use to this kinda games...
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    @perfectdark no I can read that.

    I'm just saying it was made by Chinese ppl and like most of these games they play in the mainland, they just want to see our scores and ranks go up... Which explains the Autoplay... It's better then Manuel grinding...
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    ✔️ massive damage
    ✔️ massive power
    ✔️ auto grinding

    Not VIP... Need to fix that.... $$$$
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