So easy to learn new things these days :P

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    I literally just had a coworker holding his shiny MacBook Pro running around showing off his master piece and brave entry to the “new cloud distributed computer science stuff”, its Google cloud function and it prints “Hello World” taken from QuickStart example...
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    Sadly accurate...
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    I tend to do small personal projects for each new tech or subject I learn, first iterations are crappy but that's the best way of learning for me.
    Last time I made an image board system from scratch with node, express and mongo, then had to change it to ES6 and promisified it, it was really fun.
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    And this is why I have trustissues to devs
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    Well you have to lie to get passed the 8 year experience required for entry level position 🙄
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    Jack of all trades, master of none.
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    @iSwimInTheC well I wouldn't call making a hello world tutorial on all possible languages a jack of all trades; I'd just call it free time.
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