To all the privacy concerned gals and guys: How do you shop online?

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    @wolt What about, them^ having your residential address?

    ^e-commerce sites
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    @wolt I don't go grocery shopping, am a student.
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    @wolt But yeah I use cards online and I don't use/have points card(s).
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    That's my one privacy flaw I guess. There isn't really an alternative privacy friendly option so fuck me.
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    I wait until it's my turn, I then wait for the lady/gent to tell me what is the cumulative value of the groceries I've picked and ask for payment method; that's often simplified as the usual

    *beep* cash or credit?

    I then pay the aforementioned amount and take my newly bought groceries with me.
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    @JKyll Where do they usually ask that kind of question? Never heard it where I'm from, usually the cashier can infer how I intend to pay from me handing over either a card or some cash...
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    @JKyll And what about debit/checking cards? Sorry man, I know it's not your fault, but that's an inane question on multiple levels.
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    @th31 I get asked that as I'm not well off (college student) so sometimes I have cash, sometimes I have debit and very few credit. It sucks but that's life when you're poor in my country.
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