Realizing that C# is far more easier to read than Java - I'll never take a job for that shithole/shithouse language in the industry (lmfao). I barely touch either...

How much shit am I gonna get from people for this? Larry Ellison's fanboys are gonna crucify me. I'm suicidal anyway lol

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    Some languages just click better. Nothing wrong with that.

    To me Java reads nicer. But it is only prefference really.
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    More easier... That's more harder to read than Java code.
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    I also find it easier, a bit cleaner. But again C# was my first language.
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    C# is exactly java, but with more syntax sugar. I don’t see any way in which the one could be more readable than the other. C# is, however, a crippled language when used outside of windows platforms, because most of the standard library is part of the .NET runtime, and only part of that is supported by .NET core. Which is why I prefer to use java if I have to choose between the two.
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    @bashlord #1 - There's a magical thing called Mono that has Gtk bindings and an IDE. Miguel de Icaza, founder of GNOME (considered by Stallman as a traitor) created it.

    #2 - I didn't learn C# on Windows. I learned it in fedora.
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