when you're in a iOS programming class and for the 3rd week in a row we aren't coding. I don't give a flying fuck about steve jobs or apple as a company or their philosophy. Im here to code, not for a fucking history lesson.

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    agreed. too much of programming classes are bullshit we dont need to know. im currently in a javascript class (from code.org which IS FUCKING TERRIBLE btw) where we started the first three weeks learning binary, then another on hex.
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    It's apple you should've expected something like that, not saying it's ok, js.
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    Welcom, good first rant! But come on, lose the tags.
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    There’s a book on Swift that Apple gives you its free and it teaches you iOS pretty simply for the most part I’d probably ready it while the teacher kept on there crap lol
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    @calmyourtities Pretty much my first semester of uni... What a waste of my time ☹️
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    Yea I hate Apple products to begin with and the not being able to use xcode outside Mac is fucking garbage
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