So I’ve been programming in c++ and I’m ready to step up to making gui applications and I’ve heard QT is practically the best and only option I have but I don’t have that money and the trial only lasts 10-30 days.. so what can I do?..

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    You don't get all the features but there is a free version of Qt
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    @SoulOfSet is it a trial? If not thank you a lot
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    No. The commercial version has a trial. The open source version is free of use. Keep in mind the licensing restrictions though if you use the open source version on software you publish
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    1) if you call gui applications step up, you srsly gotta learn cli more
    2) qt is everything but a cutie. Use any other framework
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    Also there is a free community version for foss projects
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    Huh, why is making a GUI a step up?

    Whats the purpose of the GUI? To learn? Or to make a product?

    Why not use Cocoa or WPF/Universal Windows Application?

    QT is probably the worst example of a good UI framework. Its also probably the worst example of making a functional application :o
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    What's wrong with GTK? In contrast to Qt is doesn't look like shit. Although I never tried to do anything with it. I made some Qt stuff in python yeeears ago, that was kinda fun though. But when I think about Qt now, 2 things come to mind:
    - paid (yea yea, oss version too)
    - KDE, which is as inconsistent looking and buggy as it gets.. I ran back to my trusty gnome as quickly as I could.

    I guess it's viable for embedded systems with custom UIs.
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    @mzeffect I havent looked into it, is it easier to set uup and get started with?
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    @gnulinuxer4fun C++ isnt my first language Ive made many GUI's in Python. I understand the difference but It hasnt been too different
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    @gnulinuxer4fun @D--M i believe it's because it's harder to make a gui in c++ than a cli. the actual application may not be better, but it may be harder to program.
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    @calmyourtities not at all... Its just finnicky because of relative coordinates
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    @gnulinuxer4fun ha ok
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