Alright members of the underground, voodoo community called ''computer science''.
I am done with my environment's subjective, limited POV and i'm here to ask the holy council of DevRant a simple question.
I'd hate to call it a thread but i'm secretly thumbs upping for it.

Alright, genies of the lamp, i ask of you the answer to "React-native vs Kotlin vs Xamarin" with a follow-up question of "which to consider continuing woth if I tried all of them, don't have any preferences, and don't know what kind of projects i'm going to work on?"

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    Stick with native, hybrids can have random unknown issues with every release that can cause massive issues.

    There’s also a new favorite of the month popping up every now and then. Native has the biggest communities, the most support and guaranteed to be supported by the platforms.
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    React Native is somewhat mature now. Still, you are always one step behind the native android development and some features take longer to find their way into some RN modules which may lead you to writing your own bridges (not that hard, though).

    That being said, my company uses RN since the end of 2015 now and we already sold about 5 mobile apps built on it. Some of them also have a web app counterpart (in react of course) with common business logic.

    It helps very much, as we have only a small amount of Obj-C/Swift resp. Java code to write and much more JS which can be reused over web/Android/iOS.
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    No to hybrid apps, slow rendering issues.
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    Why u didn't ask me before ? , otherwise i think that xamarin is the best for big and poduction project after that flutter then react native , we can't compare to kotlin cause here we talk about Cross-platforme and hybrid
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