Android Developer job ads next week:
* +10 years of experience in Kotlin.
* +3 years developing enterprise level apps using Kotlin.

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    Saw such pieces of shit already
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    @filthyranter u gotta post such ads. 😂😂😂
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    Just lie to get passed the HR people... What's the worst that could happen?
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    Why you commenting on my resume
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    Well considering Kotlin appeared around 2011, if you live on Mercury and started coding in Kotlin at 2011, you'd have around 25 (Mercury) years worth of expirence ...
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    @rusty-hacker hahaha, that's an interesting point of view
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    Holy moly 10 years!
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    Although iv only been developing in android for around 7 months I fail to see the appeal of Kotlin.

    It has no real advantage over Java. In my opinion its fucking lazy code. It might look pretty but thats about it. So I dont see why employers are opening their arseholes for people with kotlin experience.

    Im pretty sure they are doing it because its "the next big thing". If you can write solid Java I dont know what the big deal is.. Maybe someone can shed some light on this..

    Android studio can convert Java to Kotlin with one click. So No mr employer I do not see your reason why you employed someone over me because he has kotlin experience. Its fucked!! So that project I handed you... the one where I had pride in my ability to gain a good grasp of Java... Yes rtemeber fucking java everyone?!... well it works exactly the fucking same and in my opionion is much more verified and readable. SOOOO FUCK YOUUUU MR EMPLOYER!!!!! GO FUCKYOURSTUPIDLITTLEKOTLINBUMCHUMS!!!
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