This year I'm asked to teach Python with a GUI, but I've never used a graphic interface with Python. The chosen GUI must:
- Have an IDE, a sort of "drag and drop builder"
- Be capable of building software with forms, menus and multiple windows.
- Work with Windows 7 at least.
- Work with Python 3+

Any suggestions?

So far I tried:

- Tkinter: comes with the language (point in favor), but wasn't really able to make it work. Has no proper IDE, tried to use a builder called PAGE but doesn't seem to work.

- WxPython: didn't really play much with it. I've read some articles, but that's all.

- Qt: used several years ago with Ruby. Has an IDE (point in favor), but never tried with Python. This is my winner so far, the one big problem being the amount of stuff to install to properly work.

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    IronPython and Wpf or Winforms maybe?
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    @CWins WPF + Python? that works? I'm not a python dev, but I thought WPF is .net only
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    We've been using Visual Studio with .NET so far. They wanted to switch to Python an ditch VS cause don't wanna pay license anymore.

    So I guess WPF isn't an option
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    @juankortiz but WPF can be done on community edition, why ditching when you have the free alternative?
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    Go with pyQt it has a good documentation. It has a builder and it works on windows 7.
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    @gitpush I think the license for community edition is for personal use only. So a school would have to pay still.
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    @Wozza365 oh forgot about that :S
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    You may giva a shot to PyCharm by JetBrains. I think they offer free licences to students & teachers. Cheers 😉
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    @milleringer but does it have GUI builder?
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    Thanks to all!

    Guess I'm sticking to PyQt so far...
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    @gitpush Just looked at it, thought it did. Never used it actually, sorry.
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    @milleringer no probs man I was wondering cuz I would like a GUI for python too. Welcome to devRant :D
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    @gitpush Thanks mate! I think the time has come to introduce myself to community. Will post soon 😁
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    @milleringer Waiting for rants :D
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    Have you tried Kivy? https://kivy.org/#home it is easy to build with. Cross platform.
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