Universities in Nigeria still teaching students FORTRAN, COBOL and BASIC.

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    Whatsapp got you covered... "write a mess"
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    Fortran is extremely efficient amd very reliable, I don't think it will become popular again, but it definitely have it's place in history
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    But what kind of Job exactly would you get if your skillset is just Fortran?
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    @leksyib fortran 90 or really (77) was at the time the state of the art language for math (mainly matrices) computations, I think it is still used in many real life applications where calculation are required at the source to reduce transmission bandwidth and running octave or matlab is simply impossible, I would imagine a lot space bots and satellite might still use it. Also anywhere where internet is crap perhaps?
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    @leksyib to work at NASA probably
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    What's wrong with BASIC?
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    @leksyib super computing mainly, like weather forecasting, astronomy, climate modeling, hydrological modeling, fluid dynamics...
    Fortran lives and evolves, probably Fortran 2018 will come this year.
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    Cobol is still use in banks
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    A large part of my company's codebase is in COBOL. Legacy systems still need support.
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    In Nigeria they do not kno de wae!

    Okay, I'll stop.... But for real - I had some bad experience with learning useless things in school / uni... I mean - why should I write my HW in C++98, when we have C++2017 ???
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    @tomiolah1998 That's why I didn't take Jamb bruv. Andela's the way✌😁
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    The point is the real world.....not everyone gets a job at a startup writing apps in the top 10 BuzzFeed JavaScript libraries. There is pleeeeenty demand for developers with experience in older languages/language versions to upkeep legacy systems that support multi hundred thousand/million dollar enterprise services. Asking a company to spend millions to overhaul a current system that is already generating ample revenue is not always feasible. That's where the value of being able to work on legacy systems come in. And say that they do decide to make a change. There's not allot of worth in trying to convert something you don't understand.
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