I'm mostly .NET Dev, working on OCR thingy, but I started as Java, Android Dev. After my boss's crappy management and burning out our two mobile devs he has assigned me to finish one app. For past four days I've worked around the clock to finish as much of functionalities as I could but it simply wasn't possible, especially because project was still changing when though deadline was around 15.12.17. Yesterday I've done as much as I could and now we have to wait for the client to either accept it or break the contract.
To be frank, I think that losing money would be like a bucket of cold water for my boss. All of us, me and those two mobile devs I have mentioned earlier, are students. We have exams right now. "Senior" Dev is only year older and will soon be applying for his engineering degree. Year after year situation like this occurs and boss haven't learn a thing.

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    Where do I find hard working smart students? My boss only want what he thinks “the best of the best in our line of work” and so far I mostly see senior dev, mucking around ORMs and shed loads of unit tests without true outcomes; drowsy on office hours and complain about wives standing around kitchen while making mid 6 figure incomes. They were smart before they gave in to the paycheque grind.
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    Hi i am working on an OCR project. Could u pls guide me through
    It will be good if u share me ur social media platform
    So i can talk with you
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