Story, !rant.

This memory came up as I was commenting on another rant, and thought it was worthy of a better retelling.

So about a year or two ago, I had just gotten a Software Defined Radio, and was tinkering with it and looking around for cool stuff I could do with it. After stalking planes for a while (caught a 747 over my area 😎) I saw this program that decoded satellite images of earth, coming from the NOAA satellites. I thought this was amazing.

So I waited until one was over my area and let the software do its magic. The image was not great, since I had this set up on the first floor and there was a lot of material between me and the satellite.

So I came to the brilliant conclusion that I'd leave the program on automatic more (it will start sampling when the satellite is near) on my terrace, which should yield better results, right?

Perhaps. Who knows. Anyways, couple hours pass and we are running late to a family dinner. So we book it. Family dinner was great, good food and all, and was having fun, so never thought about my poor laptop, sitting alone in the night.

But then, when I was walking home in the rain... It hit me. I started running. I couldn't believe what I had done. Fast forward five minutes, and I'm out of breath, but home. I run upstairs, and see the laptop just sitting there, lid open, no lights on, and of course soaked right through.

I couldn't believe it. My only piece of tech at the time, and my only avenue for programming, gone. And I was 15, so I wasn't getting another one any time soon. Took it inside and drained the water out of it, and just left it there lying on its side.

Next day it worked just fine 🤣 the battery on my laptop only lasted max one hour, so by sheer luck it had lost power before the rain came. That is the one time I have to thank that battery for being such utter trash.

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    wow!! you are one lucky guy for having a shitty battery at that time XD
    Happy it ended up all well :D
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    Finally did u get nice images!?
    After all that adventures with ur laptop!?
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    @gitpush Yeah... Always plugged it in too, since battery was crap, but that one time I didn't and it saved my laptop 😇 Thanks, tho I ended up wrecking the laptop later anyways, and I got a new one last summer so...
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    @Nawap Nope... I was using a very small antenna so I just got the Norton America in some brown color, no details. Maybe I was doing wrong, but sadly I never got anything cool :( maybe I'll try again soon (without abandoning my laptop to the elements)
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    @nanoandrew4 make use of the old one for Linux Server, it could be a nice thing to mess with :D
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    @gitpush I made a server out of second hand parts anyways, laptop would be quite underpowered 😶 and I broke the fan (unrelated to the rain) so it overheated (and powered off) if it was under load for more than a couple minutes.
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    @nanoandrew4 haha it suffered a lot Im guessing XD
    Enjoy the new one :D
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