A couple of years ago, I was working in a computer shop as a "technician", I was 15, first job I ever had.
One day an elderly lady came into the shop, probably 50'ish, she and her whole family "suffered" from electromagnetic radiation, and the mother had the worst suffering. She complained about her TV box that just had died.

I accept the tuner and see it's wrapped with 10 layers of aluminium foil, with a tiny hole for the IR receiver.

The whole box smells like burnt electronics, and the foil gets darker for each layer I unwrap. I try explain to her that the box gets warm and overheated by wrapping it like this, and she's lucky that it didn't catch fire.

I further explain to her that she will not get a new box, because the warranty does not cover _this_. The mother tells me she has to wrap it like this, because she gets headaches when she's watching the news.

She then proceeds to go into a rage mode and gets her whole family into the shop, where all of them starts yelling at me, the younger kids start throwing stuff down from the shelves and touching the TVs with sticky fingers (literally, sticky, like yuck!).

Unsure what to do, boss is in a meeting, and my colleague is busy in the back.

So I calmly tell them that in this building there's 4 wireless networks, 3 wireless phones, high voltage cables run in the wall behind me, there's factory tracks 20 meters behind the building, next door business is an electrician, you're standing in front of wall with 30-40 TVs, 5 HDMI splitters, 3 TV boxes and a Blu-ray player. And they've all been standing in front of them for the last 10 minutes.

They all suddenly feel really sick and run out of the store, never to be seen again. From that day, I decided I'll never work in a shop again, and pursued my dreams to become a developer.

TL;DR: Family is "sensitive" to electromagnetic radiation, almost put burnt down their house because of stupidity, yelled at me. I decided to pursue my dream as a developer.

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    50ish is elderly? Damn you've got high standards 😂
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    @jhh2450 My standards are as following:
    0-18: adolescent
    18-30: young
    30-50: no label
    50-67: elderly
    67+ awesome (retired)

    I call this standard, CSB-1867
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    Feel free to adopt this standard, it's public domain
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    @ChainsawBaby Ah ok. I'd say for no label you could say middle aged or so.

    Relevant to your post comment: I can't stand people that self diagnose themselves with bullshit that isn't even realistic or probable. Wrapping it in tin foil is ridiculous! And then their inner asshole customer comes out because they fucked up.
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    @jhh2450 tru, 30-50 could be middle aged. And now it is, updated my standard, please refer to it as CSB-1867r1

    I saw some stupid shit when I worked there, I probably missed a lot of it too, because I worked after school and on Saturdays.

    I'm often very humble when I'm in shops, and I say I'm sorry for needing to ask for help.

    Though, I have self diagnosed myself as crazy, but that might just be because I'm from Northern Norway and the viking blood is strong in me
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    it's probably Chuck's family 😂😂😂
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    @Letmecode I could really do with a stress ball, this time my stress release is 3 weeks to Thailand for vacation, most of the time will be spent at a massause to untangle my muscles
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    How about students parents claiming that there students have the same thing as that family... We told them that we can't and won't turn off the wifi (because we need them from Chromebooks and our jobs too) and teachers use computers daily and would murder us (and them) if we took that away. Needless to say the parents got super pissed and shit threatening to sue. Apparently every lawyer they talked to told them to homeschool there child XD
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    @tankerkiller125 If your child is that fucked up, keep then in your house 24/7. But WiFi is a necessity for any and every school, office, and honestly, public area.
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    @jhh2450 it is. In fact students can't even take their state required test without the WiFi. It's gotten to that point. I graduated high school 1.5 years ago and we still used paper but they were having us test the digital system. No it's the only way for the test to be taken. And it takes a real toll on the school internet connections. (The districts share a 10GB line each gets about 700mbs on a normal day and during the summer it's almost 1GBs)
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    @tankerkiller125 Yea I recently took a final exam online. But I used the wifi almost daily to do research in multiple of my classes. Not to mention taking university/college level classes online.

    The speeds we're god awful, and it rained it seemed like they got even worse.
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    @jhh2450 that's likely because the maintenance people forgot to put silicone in the wall between the inside and outside and water is getting into the internet line XD (yes this has actually happened before)
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    @jhh2450 At college I managed to get access to the school network, and gave myself higher priority on the network. And enabled 5GHz WiFi, but made them hidden so I only had access. I think the school had 300/300 fibre or something.
    Because the school director was a cheap bastard, he didn't use high quality cabling in the walls, and no repeaters, so on the top floor, where I sat, has one continuous cable up 6 floors.
    So only got 100Mbit speeds
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    Haha, when I was in school, we had to share a 56k frame relay circuit with another school. Did not do much online with that.
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    @jhh2450 there is no such thing as being sensitive to wifi. It just doesn't exist. People need to learn to grow up and actually figure out what's up with their child rather than blame it all on wifi
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