Started my first internship a couple of days ago as a front-end dev.

Not particularly interested in the position, but also I don't really mind it either; not to mention I needed a job for this semester and this was my only option. The place is quite interesting -- they know the basics of what they're doing, but when it comes to more "advanced" features like version control, it's well, nonexistent. We all just send the files to each other over the server drive.

Stuff like that gets pretty frustrating but I'm not really gonna complain. Everyone including the manager is super nice and it's a really laid back atmosphere. Dunno if all front-end development is relatively laid back, but just thought it was interesting.

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    Version control is something that seems intimidating and of limited value if you've never used it before. We never used it at my last job until I did for my own projects years after I started. I'd never go back to file-based archiving.
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