So Scratch is well crazy ass stupid, but for kids this is freaky awesome for a simple game builder that gets them interested.

This thing took like 10 minutes to make 😂

Move the witch with arrow keys and score points for catching the Ghouls.

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    As a Raspberry Pi fan and a huge proponent of super early computer/coding education, Scratch is dope AF.
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    Pass immutables by value, static type-safe blocks... Damn this is better than Rust and Haskell, so ++. As soon as it supports thread safe parallel code execution, I will port all of my code.

    Seriously though, it's a very neat language for education.
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    Dude... @Zezura
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    @Zezura I think you'll find that teaching kids about category theory, f-algebra and type systems is not very effective.

    It starts with functions, branches, loops and maybe even recursion. Scratch teaches about types in a simple way by turning type signatures into clickable puzzle pieces, and reducing it to a very small amount of scalar types.

    Of course it's worthless for applications, It's meant for primary school kids and adults with limited computer experience.

    It teaches some intuition about programming, like how Lego teaches spatial planning and construction skills but isn't great to actually build houses with.
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    Check out MIT App Inventor.
    Visual IDE to make apps for Android with scratch as code.
    Been using it for years, I can make an app in hours that would take me days to do with code.
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    @Zezura no, scratch is FASTER than cpp. My uni teacher says this So its true.

    (the worst is, that many people ACTUALLY believe in such arguments... Scratch is utter shit)
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    I know the guy behind it he is teaching it fundementals in my uni.

    Well on the first assignment we had to code a game with that shit environment which was still in beta back then.

    For me it is really overhyped andhas nothing in common with programming.

    All we get from this is more Frontend Framework Users Not devs
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    @sslPoodle couldn’t tell you, all I know is the offline version is built on top of adobe air which could be Js but more likely to be actionscript.
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    Well... Scratch is a learning language... Was not intended to do complex apps but to teach children and adults with no knowledge to learn.
    It can actually be powerful if extended (like with App inventor) but it's still slow.
    A screen can take 1 second to change, as the same mock up in python runs smoothly
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