Mother of god.

I spent hours and hours last week to try and get OpenVPN working. I mean, OpenVPN is working perfectly fine (on a VirtualBox (nope no vmware for me on servers) machine on a friends' dedicated server) but it wouldn't get through! As in, every forwarding/firewall rule just didn't work.

Was seriously about to lose my shit just now when I suddenly noticed the term 'TCP' in a forwarding rule.

Looked at the .ovpn file: proto udp

I added the exact same rule for UDP as a forward within VirtualBox.

It worked.

Well, there goes quite some hours 😐

And solely because I didn't realise that I setup a forwarding thingy for the wrong protocol.

I feel very stupid now :(

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    Happens to the best of us!
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    I've totally done this before. 😖
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    Don't worry, it happens

    If you are mounting a server, first check if you can out throw your assigned port, some ISP detect the and block the tunnels, first be sure that everything its open,
    Be sure that you ISP give you a direct public ip. For your modem
    And be sure that you are in the toppest layer of your network, if you are connected in a behind other router, be sure that the all the layer are forwarding your port,
    Other way to only test ita set the DMZ to your internal ip, and disable all the rules of forwarding

    Good luck
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    @josuegomez What do you mean with mounting a server? And around here, nothing is blocked :)
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