This is the day guys.

Finally decided to move entirely to Linux.

Just swaped my old dual-booted Ubuntu/Windows HDD with an SSD and installed the lastest version of Ubuntu and all the software I needed.

I fucking love this feeling 😄😄

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    Ue4 and clion at the same time? The machine has to be quite good, doesn't it?
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    Well, it's the only machine I own, I tried to get the best of portability/performance ratio at the time. I'll list you the specs:
    -i7 4720HQ
    -GTX 960M
    -16GB RAM
    -850 EVO (just installed)

    Enough for what I need at the moment 😁
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    @milleringer pretty decent 8)
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    Thanks mate!

    I thought about getting a Windows desktop PC before switching to Linux entirely, but decided I don't need it. All the software I need is available for Linux or has a good alternative. And I do play games, but only Civ & Stellaris which both run on Linux natively without any major bugs. :)
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    Been wanting to do this for a while, only thing holding me back is Unity3D. They have a Linux client, but I haven't tested it enough to risk the change. :s
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    @jAsE I will probably not be switching any time soon. Been using Ubuntu on almost daily basis alongside W10 :)
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    @noobxgenesis Risk mate, I was afraid as well because of IDE availability since UE does integration with VS. I risked a day of work and here it is :)
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    Awesome my man!
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    @milleringer Dunno if I can yet. Im getting there though, I've stopped my Adobe suite subscription a little bit ago and switched to programs like Krita. Problem is I have a company that runs off my Unity project, along with my regular job all being on Unity on Windows. So the risk isn't only mine to take unfortunately. :(

    @SoulSkrix Antergos is a pretty good starting point if you want less hassle with Arch.
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    @SoulSkrix Can't blame you for that. Arch community can be condescending douches sometimes.
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    Congrats for using a decent game engine!
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