Hahahahahahahahahha I'm not going to do anymore of your "quick" projects that result in shit pay and drain me out. I got actual fulfilling projects I enjoy working on hahahahah not again "friend". The audacity of this guy to ask me to handle a big project alone while he sits on his ass and gets a 50% cut. He should have paid attention in school if he wanted to be a programmer. All he does is lie to clients that he can code yet runs to me to do all the work. Hahahah let's see how he gets out of this one. Not gonna help you today "friend".

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    I felt this in my bones.
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    Respecting yourself is job two.
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    I haven't had anyone really push this kinda thing on me. I'd be pretty offended if they did.
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    Damn people suck & are clueless about just how draining it is to do this stuff! You have to do so many things at once & somehow the mental work makes me feel physically exhausted! Wtf
    I agree let’s see how he does without you
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    know dat feel bro
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