I don't get it, really...
A web agency in my city published an ad on a jobs listing website; they search a php programmer who knows about magento. On their website, in the "contact us" page, they say that they are looking for:
- a graphic designer
- junior php dev
- magento dev

I sent my cv; they call me back for an interview.
This morning i went there for the interview; when the interview ended the guy just said to me "well, we don't have any open position at this moment. We make interviews from time to time, just in case in the future we may need help".

Ok. Now 2 things come to my mind:
1- i need a job now; if 3 months from now you call me cause you REALLY need a php dev, i will probably (hopefully) already have another job
2- FFS i lost 2 hours for you: 50 minutes of traffic going, 20 minutes interview and another 50 minutes of traffic going back home...

Just why?

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    Add a review on Glassdoor
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    What @nullsoup said.

    Fuck those dudes really. Really shitty move, they should have mentioned that shit before.
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    That's another question I must remember to ask before going to an interview, "Is this for a real job I can start tomorrow?"..
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    Wow. That company is going to be rightfully SOL when they actually do need a dev pulling that waste-a-devs-time bull-💩. I had this happen twice when I was job hunting via recruiters and after the 2nd time, I dropped the recruiters like a bad habit. Next time ask many "hiring" questions like "When would you need me to start?", etc. on the phone and hopefully you can root out the BS before wasting your time driving in. Good luck.
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    > Next time ask many "hiring" questions

    Sadly I found virtually everyone refused to answer such questions, they all said something like "We'll answer any questions at the interview.."

    But then, most of the interviews I went to, ended up being a total waste of my time !

    So perhaps its best if you only go with ones who can be bothered to answer a few questions on the phone !

    I remember one such company we kept too'ing and fro'ing emails back and forth as I tried to tease out of them answers to really basic questions.

    In the end after about 3 months of that, I didn't bother applying for the job in the end.

    My main question was simple enough, in the job advert they said 'degree required', so I asked them if they was flexible on that and would they consider someone without a degree and with experience.

    You'd think a fairly simple question to answer, either yes or no !
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    Thank you all guys, you are the best to cheer me up ❤️
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    @HomeAlone those fuckers should be taught a lesson.
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