Today we interviewed a _very_ good Angular1 Dev, by chance we showed him the forked ngRouter module we use, after some debate he explained that we were using it incorrectly.. I asked if he'd used it before to which he responded:

"Yeah, I'm the guy who built it"


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    Ps. We hired him 😉
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    😂😂😂😂😂 coincidences got to love em
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    I want to be that guy:/
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    @r0bb me too, how cool would that be at an interview!
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    god dammit this guy got to live the dream!
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    Ah where is that favourite rant button want to save this! Love it.
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    Be is the official Mr Cool of 2016
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    That is the definition of badass.
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    So, does it mean he wrote a feature that can easily be misused?
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    @elazar metaphorically, we were eating soup with a fork. He explained why a spoon is more effective.
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    Work hard. Keep focused. You'll be that guy and more. You've all got the potential to succeed :)
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    It felt little awkward for an interviewer and a moment of joy and being proud for a guy interviewed. I hope the guy will get good salary which he deserves
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    @h3ll documentation can only do so much
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    Slim chance, but props for that guy!
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    @h3ll or the documtation wasn't read throughly?
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    @CogInTheWheel that's a feature?
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    Woooooo 1k++
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    Somehow it reminded me, I once had two students next to me ranting about the subject they took without realising that the lecturer was standing next to them
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    This is my wk211
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    You are a very hard worker and Keep the focus on your next mission. You will be that guy and more. You've all got the potential to succeed :)
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    Nice story)
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    Nice story)
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    god dammit this guy got to live the dream!
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    Nice story :D
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    Oh my... Quite funny.
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    ahah that's awesome!
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