I wrote in a rant here that I couldn't access my 1TB external hard-drive anymore because I refused to "Safely remove" it from my computer.

My brother sent me today an image with it, showing me that he managed to open it.

I can't tell you how happy I am!

The solution: if you encounter the same problem (it takes forever for windows to scan it and you can't open it/ on linux it tells you to go to windows and and properly eject it), just go to `Device Manager` and `Scan for new hardware`. This should find it & solve it

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    i don't think linux ever asked me to do so
    I sometimes forget to safely remove my 2TB hdd, it works fine on linux(ubuntu)
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    Life is too short to remove devices safely
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    @Zennoe i think from windows 8, the safe to remove hardware feature was abandoned

    cause the buffer which is used to transfer data was cleared automatically
    PS: I don't know for sure but read it somewhere and i either use & or work on server editions
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