Currently at Imperial college's hackathon, 13hrs down, 11 to go.
My first hackathon, awesome spirit. Too much food and goddies and so many hacks!!!
Will update with what I made soon. And may be give out URL, after limiting usgae to not cost my self.

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    Cool, I'm in the London area but didn't hear anything about this (it's also my girlfriend's birthday so I wouldn't be able to come this weekend anyway), how'd you hear about?
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    It needed registration a few weeks before. Turns out FB is helpful in some ways!
    And yeah, Happy Birthday to the Lady. Hope you guys had the time of your life!
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    Good luck with your project!
    What are you building? :)
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    Thanks. Built a web app to let users people find their images in a given subreddit by just uploading a face image.
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    @knight Sounds interesting!
    Is it open source?
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    Although these guys didn't find it a winner. Apps like nutritional values after a click still win. I must be living in a separate world all this while I guess that these apps sound like too old and without impact.
    Well my code has some API keys, don't have best practices imbibed in me yet. Will soon publish it after making changes.
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