does devrant app built on hybrid? because it doesn't feel that natural navigating the app. i'm on android btw.

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    Its built using web technologies and titanium
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    It feels fine on iOS
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    It's build using Appcelerator (Titanium, like said before in this thread).

    Maybe it doesn't feel "natural" if compared to Material Design apps, but I don't see it as unnatural, once DevRant's app has its own unique design.

    Btw, Appcelerator uses all the native iOS and Android's API to create apps and behavior, so I think it is just a matter of design. :)

    Right, @dfox?
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    @felipebhz thanks for the info. yeah i noticed that when I turned on layout boundary from developer settings, every components have its bound. so im just confused of whether or not this has been built natively or hybrid.
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    @aimanb It is hybrid, but, Appcelerator "converts" every code to native ones. You write like 70% of 'platform-neutral' code and the others 30% are definitions for each platform. They use Javascript and then compile it to native code for each platform.
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