Any ideas which should be my next phone ? Can't decide :( should be android

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    Depending on your budget, requirements and location options may differ.
    But in general, I'm hearing OnePlus5 and OnePlus5T are pretty good phones.
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    The price won't be so important, most important would be to be ready for the future. My ideas until now are one plus 5t, Galaxy s8 or Huawei mate 10 pro
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    I'm having the s8.
    I'm pretty happy with it so far.

    Negativ things are:
    - just 3000mAh battery
    - hardware bug where your camera is blurry before you shake it.

    But why the s8 if the s9 is coming? (Guess it ll come in february?)
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    The s8 is currently 499€ in our stores
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    Yes it's "cheap" atm altought i bought it for 450 when samsung had a deal with the s8 + s7.

    But like you said, money is not that important for you.
    So why don't take the newest model? ;)
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    Yeah maybe right, I completely agree that it is at least worth it to wait until Samsung showed the s9 at mwc
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    I recommend the Wiko Harry

    Pretty decent specs, good battery and pretty cheap (<130€)
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    I still use OnePlus 2 (3 years of use), and also the OnePlus One (sometimes, 4 years of use).

    Both are still running fine, I don't play games on my phone so not an issue for me. But apps work just fine.

    Had to replace the OnePlus One's battery, but 4 years is still pretty good.

    I would suggest the OnePlus 5T. It's a bang for your buck.
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