Hi im Bind, i know 2 good programming jokes and 7 thousand that will make you go "meh"

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    I just got this in a group chat and honestly, me
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    I'd like to hear a good and a bad one each, please!
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    @CoffeeNcode ill give u one and u can decide which one was it

    How much does a penguin weigh?

    Depends on the distro.
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    @BindView it actually made me grin, but... was this one of the bad ones?
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    @BindView that was definitely one of the bad ones
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    I think u can build a bot to do it like the random quote bot I see on devrant
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    I need all your bad jokes,pronto
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    Give me bad jokes :)
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    Hoped there where a lot of jokes in the comments.
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    Due to popular demand:

    What do you call a Finnish programmer?

    Whats a programmers favourite place to drink?
    Foo bar.

    Have you heard about the new supercomputer? It’s so fast, it executes an infinite loop in 6 seconds.

    I wanted a new car so I bought a volkswagen buggy. After some fixes I have a volkswagen featury.
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    6996 jokes left Bind
    Don't do this to us Bind
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    @inaba im going to punch you in the throat
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    @BindView 6995
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