Programming as much as I can now because I've been behind on my school stuff so for the rest of the month no programming until I catch up and go ahead.

I can't wait till college so I can learn whatever I want.

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    Hate to break it to ya but college is just about as bullshit as all other education levels
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    Sadly I have heard that is a myth. Apparently you cant study wahtever you want in college. Also I can fit everything into my schedule by wakingnup at 4 and going to sleep at 12 you should try it.
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    Thinkpad and tea 😍
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    "I can't wait till I get to college, then I can work on what I want."

    "I can't wait till I get to an office, then I'll finally be working on what I want."

    "I can't wait to get out of the office to start working on what I want..."

    Not to be overly cynical, just in my experience, pragmatism wins the day. If you can at least find something you enjoy, you'll be doing better than a lot of folks. But I think it's hard to ever get into a situation one can deem as perfect. Anyway, two cents of my unsolicited advice.
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    You definitely have a lot more time in college to pursue personal projects most semesters... Unless you have to work as well like I do in which case I guess there's still hackathons 🙃
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    Aaah, sweet, pure innocence
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    I'm too busy with college homework to work on what I want to work on. I go to Purdue University. Otherwise I'd be working on PYX-Reloaded's codebase aside from writing docs from time to time with @gianlu.

    I might mention that college is hell. After I'm done here, I'm gonna go do some science. I'm behind on everything already and have to cram to keep up. I'm a CS major.

    They don't teach programming well at all. There's no time for personal projects. The amount of homework is bullshit and unnecessary. What the fuck am I gonna do with bio, chem, or astronomy? Philosophy? HOW THE ACTUAL FUCK DO I JUSTIFY THIS?

    My parents would fucking disown me if I didn't go...
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    Lots of negative responses about college here, makes me think lots of people made the wrong choices in college 🤔. Working with my friends on a personal project that we truly believe has a target audience that will use our software, and I'm working with one of my professors on a project and it's super cool. Don't mean to come off as humblebragging, but I was in your exact shoes in highschool and my move to college has been great.

    Edit: I do agree with other posts saying you'll need to learn online rather than just what they teach at school, however it doesn't seem like you have a shortage of experience learning online.
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    I enjoyed college.

    My desk looks like yours. But my drink has bubbles.
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    All these negative comments scared me away from college lol.
    I'm glad it isn't as terrible as they make it seem, even if I'm better off learning online.
    At least I'll get a degree, even if I learn nothing. :/
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    Ayy, I've got the same computer
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    @Michelle You will learn a lot of things, it's not useless. A degree is important, and also no other place (certainly not sitting at home) will give you what a uni gives you. That is getting to know a bunch of people, get validation even if it seems unfair sometimes, socialise, learn how to learn etc.

    You usually have plenty of time to do whatever you want while you're at uni. You will find teachers/like minded people who can give you feedback on whatever it is you're building outside classes. They will even appreciate you more, which can be useful if you're fighting for a pass.

    You will learn lots of maths and appreciate why it's fundamental to computer science to go through those parts.

    Yes, sometimes you will feel like what you have to learn won't be useful for anything. Well it is interesting for someone else in that class.

    It's not about mediocre online courses on some programming language or whatnot. Most of this you can do on your own if you're interested in something that's not covered in your classes anyway.

    Do aim for university. Nothing else will give you those experiences back when you realise you should've gone there in the first place.
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    Agreed. I actuallt learnt philosophy and logic. Which has helped me become a dev.

    Uni sometimes help you realize how dumb you actually were ;) then you still feel dumb but you accept it and know more things.@mzeffect
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    Oh ya this never ends, in each phase of life we still have that "Can't wait till I get ...." it just never ends, though you must take advantage of your time now, during school/collage/early work days you will have tons of free time compared to later on. Now I'm working on doing my masters, I sometimes spend a week without at least turning on my laptop :\ Either too damn tired or barely have time to breath :\
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    I suppose you're right.

    Thanks for the advice, I will definitely keep this in mind! :)
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    @Michelle Currently in my third year of computer science. Let me tell you university/college is NOT worthless, but I can see were some people are coming from.

    Yes you will do a lot of 'useless' stuff in the sense that you won't need everything you learn but that does not make it useless! They just give you the necessary knowledge to adapt and work on a variety of topics. Oke yes will also learn some stuff that is actually useless...

    It will also be up to you to learn to properly write code. Your professor will give you some of their knowledge and advice which may sometimes be limited but you only learn programming by doing not by listening.

    A degree is noy useless and will give you advantages over other people with no degree. In my opinion that is. Just make sure you put in some extra work and enjoy yourself while you are at it! It is a wonderful time of your life.
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    @michelle green tea or lemon tea? 😍
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    Thank you.

    I'm more excited now.
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    Green tea. :)
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    @ChachiKlaus your pragmatism is so true. I quit a decent job to 'do what I want' and feel like I have less free time than ever. It's just tougher to go long stretches without interruptions at home, which is needed to get your head in large projects. At least then I had my own office and no distraction most of them time... I wish I had abused that power more instead of feeling guilty about it, haha. I don't regret it though. Making someone rich while they marginalise your existence with every passing year is no way to live either.bbut that's another rant, haha.
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    I can't wait you install a formating extension such as jslint, so you can format the code correctly. Why is the top line sooo long?
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    @Michelle Hey ! We're ThinkPad buddies .. !! Awesome !!
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    Ah, nice! I love thinkpads. They're my favorite type of laptop.
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    If you think you're going to learn whatever you want, college is the wrong place. You should try Google, though.
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    @antic not necessarily true, but you have to be careful about which college you choose.
    Some places give you plenty of freedom, if you know how to match what is available with what you want.

    It changes a lot from country to country and from university to university, though.
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    @endor I hadn't considered that. We as Americans rarely consider the outside world 😂
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    Am I the only one that gets scared seeing drinks beside keyboards?
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