I realized I've been using Linux for almost 5 years. Who need Windows anyway (except for Office documents and some games).

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    Don't need Windows for office documents lol
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    @ScribeOfGoD all I can think is WPS Office and online solution like Google Docs because other softwares will definitely screw up the formatting.
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    I like that on windows shit just installs and works, entering like 15 commands over the course of a program install on Linux while searching all over forms and shit to find the right commands / dependencies for that specific app is annoying as hell and always makes me return to windows. I mean I guess if you want to spend all you time in the terminal then it's great?!?
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    @hexc then you haven't had any Linux experience. Because that's definitely not how it is. The have guis and installers for shit just like Windows does.
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    @ScribeOfGoD Yet most Linux users prefer using the command line, not the GUI.
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    @NGPixel yep, but that doesn't dispute the fact of what I said. People like using the gui in windows doesn't mean there are people that use cmd and powershell for everything
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    @hexc My experience differs from yours. As long as something is in the repositories I've rarely had to enter more than two commands to install something on Linux. Package managers take care of dependencies etc.

    I like package managers so much that I prefer to use the Chocolatey package manager to install things on Windows.
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    @hexc it's 4 at most unless you're build ingen from source, which you aren't 99 percent of the time. Installing a program is much better
    vs windows

    "sudo apt install (program)"

    Press enter and it installs. What's it in windows? Clicking through 4+ different pages where you have to say no to 10 different toolbars (an exaggerated example but there are shitware you have to say no to) before the program installs.
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    I mean, Windows is better for gaming. ..
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    @hexc Although I'm a server engineer (loads of terminals) I do a lot of those software installations through a graphical package manager.

    Also I use libreoffice with word documents and it works great!

    I don't game so that's not an issue although one can game on Linux.
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    @hexc Debian-based Linux distro is often a friendly one, and yup it might looks kind of overwhelming just to install a software, but believe me it's easier than Windows if you get a hang onto it. One apt install and you are done :D

    I admit Windows offered a smooth installation experience by using the installer and you just have to keep clicking next button, but like @inaba said it comes with crapwares that you need to untick every single page. You don't want that.

    If I want the best of both worlds I probably will get a machine with MacOS. But sadly too poor for that and lazy to tinker with Hackintosh.
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    The problem is when the app isn't in the package manager and you have to manually install it. An example was Visual Studio Code, I wanted to see how it ran on a Elementary OS install I did to try EOS out, was a pain to get vs code working if memory serves.
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    @hexc you can download their .deb file and extract from there, like normal Windows .exe installer.
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