I don't know exactly what year my dad bought the PC with a hard drive of 4GB, but it was not in the year 2000 and following. I'm not sure if it was running win98 or win95. Probably win95. Aaah those were golden times.
I remember having no internet, but still having fun drawing images on ms paint.
Oh and there was a game named sesame street for that os. Sometimes I miss those times.

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    + Moorhuhn. That game was awesome, too. [...]
    That's how my interest in technology startet.
    I (8 yo) was lucky that I had a friend to those times, whoms uncle was studying cs at a uni. His uncle gave us HTML tutorial pages. My friend lives about 300 meters away from me. Unfortunately, we both don't really have time to see each other since he is studying "Wirtschaftsinformatik" at a uni which is 2 hours away from me where I live. [...]
    By the age of 10, I did learn how to use css. By t. a. of 11, I did my first mmorpg bot that picked up items and killed monsters for hours (Sorry, nostale for doing that). Then the area of browser games did start. It was trendy. Some of them were Habbo and panfu. Then the trend did chose flash games. I was playing skating and shooting flash games. When I was 14 I did play teeworlds and Elsword and games started to get boring to me.

    I began to go deeper in Front-End and Back-End. MVP, CMS, Prepocessors, jQuery, setting webservers up, phpmyadmin.
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    I was able to afford a good laptop that was good enough to let me play minecraft. We did start Hamachi servers with port-forwarding. It took me months to get it working. I tried it like 50 times. It paid out :D

    With 17, I started to refresh my js and php skills. No success, I was too lazy.

    With 18, I did learn python and still learning today.
    Same thing can be applied to C.

    With 19, ASM, JS and php and still learning.
    With 20, Java and still learning.

    Taking a look back into the past. I really miss my old me. Being free. Without having to worry about anything. Playing outside like there is no tomorrow. That's probably the only thing I miss from the past. But don't we all think that way? Don't we all miss the past?
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    And now, I am here doing my python (bot), webserver and arduino projects (robotics). Sometimes, I imagine how my life would be, if I would have chosen another path in the past. How drastically would the "I" change?
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