My first contact with a computer was in 1997, I was close to 9.
My parents bought it together with a 17" screen and a color inkjet for about 6000.- CHF if I remember it correctly.
It had Windoozle 95, Pentium 2 233MHz, Radeon Rage 128 something.
At first I was not allowed to use it, but after watching them write documents for some time, they allowed me to draw random stuff in MS Paint and use Word.

It did't take long until I figured out to do more stuff on the system.
I think I crashed Windows a few times by installing some random demo software or shareware and execute just anything to see what happens.

When I turned 10, my godmother gave me Age Of Empires 2 as a present (I wished it so badly) and since this gift, I was somewhat addicted with computers and gaming.

My mother forbid me a lot of times to use the computer for weeks. 😄

But it all made me know computers better and even start programming with Quick Basic! (later VB, C++ and C#)

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    1997- that's the year I was born 😅
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    oh that joy of installing random stuff and crashing PC, I ended up killing that old 80GB HDD, I did it in my beginnings of computer, though it was on a pentium 4 & 256MB of RAM which I later upgraded to 512MB in 2006, and felt like I'm the one genius teen. Later I started with HTML on a 14inch monitor, it was fun though
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    Ah man. That AOE on a CRT monitor 😍
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    Haha yeah, those were the days...
    during school holidays sometimes I played for 6-7 hours straight AoE2 🙈
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    @theNox Born one year later (-.-)
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    @Christian1998 Not ashamed young padawan shall be. In the force believe he must. 😉
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