Ughhh help :/

I have a server running 3 sites and lately it's been slow AF. One day last week simple API calls were timing out (file_get_contents and cURL).

This led two of the 3 sites to become iffy. My monitoring service never pinged me that the server was unresponsive so I went into patch mode. After looking at my slow log, all network calls were just...timing out. We were no where near max connections and as I said the one site was still good.

I setup a simple test to file_get_contents a 1.1KB file from a reliable source. It was very intermittent in it would load then after a couple refreshes time out...rinse and repeat.

At this point I asked our hosting provider if something is going on to which they replied no but I pressed on. I see that they copied some logs and the network calls were magically better 6 hours later and have continued to be.

WTF could have been going on. This is infuriating and destroying me.

Typical LEMP stack

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