It's online btw. :D

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    Better not. Someone might come to the idea to ddos it. It's a raspi 3 handling it.
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    @gitpull ddos is for script kiddies
    There are so many so much cooler dos attacks...
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    @Andi ddos is pretty lame, it's way too easy to do and way too hard to do anything against it

    That being said, Slowloris is definitely the best most interesting method (in my opinion of course)
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    @incognito To be fair dns amplification attacks are ddos attacks and they are pretty cool.


    No they are not.
    Don't do dos attacks kids!
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    @Andi I've never heard of it, it does not sound pretty cool UH I mean I interesting, very scientific, much math... Wow
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    I made the php so that it only accepts if the x-referer has /index.php (therefore, someone who just comes to the website actually can't login even if the password is correct) only if it has a password entered.
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    I type in the name of the domain.
    *website opens*
    I type in the correct password.
    *won't work*

    You would need to add "/index.php" to the domain.
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    @Andi @incognito my favorite DOS is slow loris tbh. It requires basically no internet or processing power and achieves the same result as a ddos attack. Very cool if you ask me.
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    @gitpull share the link, I wanna see if it's secure and if not give you some tips :)
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    @gitpull (or upload the code somewhere and I can check it :) )
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