I honestly have no problems with UI designers, I really don't and actually respect the work they do..

But god dammit, those fucktards should try designing the UI with actual code rather than photoshop or whatever they use these days..

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    Why does it matter? As long as functionality matches up and you're not doing the UI, it's none of your problem surely
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    @TheLazyDev it's all about quality.
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    @HAlex And not being ridiculously bloated
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    @ace48 I don't get it. They got their job and not yours *because* they don't know shit about code.

    Last thing I want is some ignorant trying to push some constraints on my ui because they thought they knew what code actually was.

    If the design is somewhat too hard to implement, I don't know, maybe talk to the designer, find a compromise 🤔
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    @Commodore like I said I do respect their work being unique etc..

    It's just that they think because it's easy getting things done "on paper", implementing it would be equally easy.. Which sometimes leads to unrealistic expectations.

    What I meant is that they should try dealing with css paddings, margins, and all the other shit...

    PS: apologies for calling css code in the original rant 😅
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    Ahaha their job is on Photoshop, your job is on Code Editor. Come to think to it, there should be a job for "Design Programmer" or something to connect those two dots 🤔
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    My apologies. There is. It's called front-end developer 😂😂 just woke up so brain isn't so straight right now.
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    Design is design, code is code.

    UI/UX designer != Front end dev
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    I usually combine design with code so you can actually use the picture you created
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