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    Welcome to 2018’s meme for the semi colon replacement 🤦‍♂️
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    This was kinda funny the first time.
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    I found it still a little funny the following 254 times.
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    @CWins did you go in overflow after 256th time?
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    I don't know yet. Maybe the joke will be fun and fresh again. Maybe the universe will collapse.
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    Indeed, I heard they called it JavaScript just because Java was the most important language.
    Edit: I reread it and it was as i said plus Netscape and Sun cooperated and changed the Name from LiveScript to JavaScript.
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    @virus shit... You are right!!! We got bamboozled
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    I'll take the carpet
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    Comparing repost to rerepost is like comparing A4 paper to a glass of water.
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