I grew up as internet became a thing, so I had a very early exposure to computers. There's actually a video of me crawling onto an old computer which still had a 5.25" floppy drive. By the age of 4 I actually started using it properly, my mum said I once talked about pressing enter in my sleep 😂 I'm glad I was born in
a time (94) to witness technology evolve at such a crazy scale. Kids these days will never know what kind of privilege it was to have a 128MB pendrive 😛

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    I still have one that works, its label says "SilverPearl MicroX 128MB", still one of the most reliable ones I had in a long time.
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    I am sure you meant the privilege to exchange floppy disk with *cof* Lara Croft pixelated art *cof* with your secondary school mates!
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