Getting real tired of having to reteach the basics of relational databases to the same 2 people. You were brought in as the expert in databases and SQL Server, I shouldn’t have to teach you about effing primary keys, secondary keys, many-to-many relationships, and how to join the damn tables in a basic query. Your 5 years of experience are obviously a waste if all you did was select * from bullshit. This is the 2nd week and 22nd you’ve asked the same damn questions. Get your crap together and study your ass off if you don’t know. Google the error messages if you don’t remember how to solve it before coming to me with the same question a 23rd and 24th time. I’m not going to get any work done if all you do is ninja up behind me with your laptop in tow and just spout off the question that could be done over IM or a quick duckduckgo/google search. Headphones in = do not disturb ya rude mother duckers 🦆.

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    Secondary keys?
    There is no such thing in SQL. I even googled it right now because the concept makes no sense. I didn't find any page on T-SQL about secondary keys. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    There is a primary key, which is unique, indexed, and in mssql - clustered.
    There are foreign keys - attributes that refer to a primary key in a table.
    There is also unique keys, which can be used with primary keys together.

    And that's all the keys.

    Other structures include indexes, but they are not keys (not related to unique rows).
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    Tell your boss you want to work from home
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    @AndSoWeCode foreign keys* I was typing this as I was explaining something else 😂
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    @turturtles oh ok then. I got curious and a bit scared for a moment :)
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