This whole racism shitshow needs to fuck off. I had a problem with a coworker today who happens to have a darker color skin than I. I was cheated, robbed, and assaulted while on the job and did nothing in response, and somehow I'm still the bad guy.

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    Everyone deserves to die.
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    Why, racism is fine if it's against whites. Just as sexism is fine if it's against men. Everyone who doesn't agree is a nazi.
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    Racism will only fuck off when people/institutions stop being actually racist. Simple.
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    @witchDev the issue is that any time something happens, the white guy is automatically biggotted, when he's actually not. People need to quit using that to win arguments and learn to stand on their own merits, if they have any.

    I don't condone what my ancestors did, and I damn sure shouldn't be held accountable for it.

    I don't care what color your skin is, what religion you follow, what your sexual preferences are, etc. If you're an incompetent, lazy piece of garbage your ass needs to be on the chopping block (literally or metaphorically, you decide).
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    @lkjhgf253 I agree. Using the racism card to score points is fucking low. I have zero patience for incompetence and lazy people tbh but as a black person, I know how oblivious non black people can be to their own ingrained biases that stem from racism (and the world is pretty fucking systemically racist) so it's easy to get defensive and throw in the race card. This is why communication is key. If the person is incompetent, call them out on their incompetency with proof of it and tell them to eat shit or do better.
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    @witchDev I did lol and thats where the assaulted part comes into play. Let our boss know about it and "sorry chief, can't help you" was what I got.
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    @lkjhgf253 you must first recognize that the world is fundementally unfair.

    the second thing to learn is that there is a enormous amount of bullshit that goes on that you are not responsible for, had no hand in, and have neither a say on nor a means to change.

    the first time I witnessed racism and ravism motivated violence was in school. it was blacks. on a white kid. the white kid was friendly with everyone.

    that "white" kid was me.

    and I continued to witness it growing up. a lot.

    of course most people, black or white, grow out of this nonsense as they grow older.

    the other thing I experienced a lot was being told I was racist or had implicit bias, either for saying something percieved as negative, which I had no racial motivation for saying, or because I defend myself verbally when stolen from / spit on / assaulted / yelled at.
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    @lkjhgf253 Assault is a criminal act, so you can still go to the police if you have enough evidence. Word against word won't do, of course.
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    the other thing I experienced was frequently being vindicatively called out as a racist for defending myself. by other whites. in a manner so vehemet that it frequently caused the people around me, including the person I was fighting with, to cringe.

    as usual the people obssessed with seeing race in everything project their own hobgoblins onto everything. I've seen it. The very neighbors and neighborhoods full of people eager to signal themselves as 'allies', are first to draw their shades, first to call the police, first to cross the street away from a black walking towards them.

    the other thing I experienced frequently growing up, was serious *hardcore* corruption from police, in multiple states. and not the "they did something I dont like therefore they're bad!" variety, but *actual* corruption, things *you wouldnt even believe* if I told you.

    people are pretty shit in general.

    curb your enthusiasm.

    the greater good is a scam.

    the only things that matter are $$$ and pussy.
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    @lanfiro I guess this will fuel segregation, because - why take unnecessary risk?

    It's similar to how women now encounter real glass walls in many areas simply because being alone with a woman is too much of a risk for a man in a professional setting. I would refuse to mentor a young female dev, that's sure.
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    @Wisecrack I will defend you. I'm not white. If the other whites question me, I can accuse them of being racist. Checkuh mate-uh.
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    Its kinda sad the mentality i have seen a lot in USA, is that people that has been victims of racism, also have the its all <this evil group> fault mentality. Which makes me sick, fuck hypocrites.
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    Story goes way back to European ancestors who taught this to their children and invaded every continents just because they thought they were superior than others and enslaved and smuggled African and killed natives and looted everything and still doing it.
    There are still white skin people who believe in that shit and discriminate. This is effecting to those light white skin people who believe in equality despite the skin color or whatever.
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    @AngryDev9981 Around 500-1000 years ago, if we still have to judge people for what other people did for that long ago, we would have to kill all people. All societies at that time were shit.

    Also the wealth were a bigger factor at that time, even though countries like Denmark traded slaves etc, how many people do you really think did benefit from it? Also zero, expect from the rich, do you think the common peasant had anything to say in a dictorshop by the king, church and the rich? i dont think so, most people would get executed themselves and most people were poor asf at the time.
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    This media frenzy has nothing to do with the death of a person or racism. It is about distracting you from the investigation into the largest corruption and misuse of power in US history. This corruption is all about deep state deciding elections and manipulating agencies. It is a power struggle between the citizen and the ones pulling the strings. I suspect chinese gov influence as well. There are too many politicians on the take from the chinese. The corruption currently being exposed makes watergate look like a fishing trip.
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    I'm just gonna say one word: NUANCE.

    Well OK, a few more words:

    1. The police (esp. in the USA) is extremely over-militarized, and barely punishes blatant racists within its ranks. In any country where police funding is higher than healthcare funding, you end up with bigoted gangster pigs running the show. Even here in the Netherlands, where many cops are usually pretty helpful and decent, it's still a job which attracts xenophobic people who can't control their rage.

    2. Racism is deeply ingrained in many humans. In almost ALL countries, minorities have to endure more bigotry from law enforcement, employers and neighbors, on average, than the majority group. Currently, attention goes out to black people -- but of course Mexicans, Syrians, Hongkongers, Rohingya, etc have to endure similar or worse bullshit. African Americans are just the most prolifically abused minority in the most prolifically fucked up fascist federation.
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    3. The point where I agree with you: Just because injustices are more severe against a minority group ON AVERAGE, does not mean that YOU AS AN INDIVIDUAL can't experience injustice. Someone else's suffering doesn't invalidate your suffering -- and if someone doesn't want to listen to your story because you as a victim happens to be a white male, they're a fucking racist/sexist bigot. Regardless of their gender or skin color.

    4. The point where I agree with protestors: The job of the police is to safely bring in suspects, unharmed. Even if they are 100% sure that a suspect is a rapist, serial killer or terrorist: Their job is still to bring in the suspect, unharmed. A police officer is not fit to judge the case, call for capital punishment and execute the criminal. There is a good reason to have a separation between law enforcement and a justice system.
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    So eh, the magic word is NUANCE.

    People should think less in absolutes -- and remember that there is a difference between average stats applying to demographics, and individual experiences which are JUST as valid.

    Hell, I'm a "straight(ish) white cis male" and grew up dirt poor because both my parents died when I was 12. My wife is white as fuck, but was the victim of repeated racist bigotry, because a part of her childhood took place in a non-white country.

    Still, most of the protesters right now do have a very valid point, when looking at the conditions the average black person in the US has to deal with.
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    @MarcoCeccon my thoughts exactly. People are so caught up in YOLO that they forget we all bleed red and die all the same.
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    @bonegarden I'm not condoning the hypocrisy, crime and abuse. But being racist in response to racism is just pouring gas in the fire.
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    I think that's the problem with how people's brains work though.

    Generalizing costs less energy.

    If the news says: "Immigrants are 70% more likely to commit a crime" -- then our brain goes "That's a group I must watch out for".

    But that if 0.1% of the population is a criminal, that 0.17% of the immigrants would be criminal -- so the prejudice royally fucks over 99.83% well-behaving immigrants.

    In return, if 5% of white people adopt this prejudice, immigrants will start to think "That's a group I must watch out for" regarding white people, even though 95% are like "WTF just happened".

    Before you know it, every black person is a rioter, every native is a drunk, every thai woman has a penis, every redneck is a racist -- even though those stereotypes are false for the majority within those minorities.

    So it's vitally important to make an active attempt to just get to know someone for who they truly are, regardless of perceived reputation.
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    @lkjhgf253 It's also a reason that while I support equality of opportunity (not: of outcome), I'd still not vote for leftists because I know that as white heterosexual man, I'm at the top of their hate list.

    On the other hand, I'm thinking enough on my own to also get me on the hate list of the extreme right. Tough times.
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    @bittersweet >every Thai woman has a penis

    Bro, what?
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    @rutee07 im not white either.

    I'm a mix of portuguese, french, irish, and possibly a couple other groups like italian.

    But light skinned so "white".

    People keep telling me I should use the "hispanic" last name to get ahead and it is just cringey af. Why would I ever want to get ahead on anything but my own smarts, merit, and luck? So someone can claim I have what I have because of affirmitive action or something.

    fuck that noise.

    I'm glad for your support though. They hate us cuz they aint us!
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    @lkjhgf253 Haha that's the stereotype about getting a blowjob at a brothel and finding out it was a ladyboy.
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    @Fast-Nop you're talking about politics now, and that's a whole mountain of shit on its own.

    Left, right, I don't know much about the specifics there. I got my own set of beliefs that I go by. Whether that qualifies me as one or the other idk.
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    @bonegarden same. I watched BLM protester tell off some white college kids or other who are handing bricks blacks. she was like " shame on you you're going to get these young men arrested and ruin their lives."
    and she was 100% accurate.
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    @bittersweet the one about all thai women having penises may be true.

    All kidding aside I've been telling people for a while the core problem in society, things single-handedly driving the wedge in division all over the place in the US is none other than the media. And I don't hold any reservations for any particular news stations on any side. CNN calls riots "peaceful protests" and causes a divide. Fox news calls actual peaceful protesters who kneel "violent thugs."

    Television news is fucking cancer. I don't even use the term mainstream media anymore. It's all just media.
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    @Fast-Nop you know you doing something right when you get called a fascist by the left and a socialist by the right, commanding wrath down upon your head like an old Latin curse casting out demons. They chant it but they don't know what the words mean.
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    @lkjhgf253 The left/right divide in politics is so toxic.

    The US really needs a whole lot of splinter parties, and a coalition instead of majority government. There should be a green rightwing party, a libertarian party, and a communist party. A student party, a pirate party, a party for animal rights, fuck it maybe even a few extremist parties just for the memes.

    I don't have to agree with splinter groups, but it would be healthy for them to exist as part of the political landscape.

    If there's no healthy reasonable middle ground and some outspoken fringes which are used for venting, everything becomes polarized.

    I usually vote pretty moderate in my country, but have veered to the wings when I felt things needed a nudge in a certain direction.

    Any nation which makes it more difficult to get elected if you are not part of an established party is not a democracy. It's a cartel-run government.
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    @bittersweet the us was supposedly never meant to have parties to begin with, but they started doin it anyway. There are several of those groups apparently. I hear the governor of colorodo is openly communist. I've heard of there being Nazi parties as well.
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    What do you mean "robbed"

    Its "our" property :):):):)
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    @bittersweet nature and evolution fucked us.
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