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    Dude... The game was lit.
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    Ohh man, I actually have all 18 Wheels of Steel games up until today 😂

    Hard Truck: 18 WoS
    18 WoS Across America
    18 WoS Pedal to the Metal
    18 WoS Convoy (terrible)
    18 WoS Haulin’
    18 WoS American Long Haul
    Euro Truck Simulator (with UK expansion)
    18 WoS Extreme Truckers
    German Truck Simulator (with Expedition Austria)
    UK Truck Simulator
    18 WoS Extreme Truckers 2
    Truck & Trailers
    SCANIA Truck Driving Simulator
    Euro Truck Simulator 2 (with most of DLCs, all map expansions)
    American Truck Simulator (no DLCs)

    Ohh and Bus Driver (which was meh)
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    @athlon out of those I have:
    Hard Truck
    Extreme Trucker
    Extreme Trucker 2
    ETS 2 (with some DLC)
    ATS (with some DLC)
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    @nik123 does Brick Rigs count?
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    Also more fun games:
    Cities: Skylines,
    Brick Rigs
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    Ah yes I remember the days, to bad I sucked at english and had no idea what I was doing. Still fun though.
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