Which is better? Working in a company with someone who can mentor you or working in a company that gives you time to study on your own?

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    I envy those who have mentors since I don't have.

    That being said I would prefer to learn things on my own than having a bad mentor.
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    Why not both?
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    I think having a good balance is key. If you're trapped in your own mind trying to figure something out for hours/days while a teammate could have the answer at his fingertips is a waste of time. At the same time trying to figure stuff out by yourself increase your problem solving skills and Independence.
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    Mentor because otherwise you know you'll never get a promotion.
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    Too much freedom can be bad as well. I can practically use any tech for my tasks (and most of my tasks I create myself), and I haven't spoken to my boss in months. It's cool that I can learn, being unrestricted to a language or framework, but I sometimes feel forgotten.

    And as @gorsamp said, I'll never get a promotion.
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    @gorsamp LOL but then you won't need a promotion at that condition 😆
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    @CurseMeSlowly It is only a matter of time until the programming lead caves to the pressure. When that person is expelled, who shall step up? You!!!! Coming to a theatre near nobody cuz let's be honest from the outside our job is boring.
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    already "working in a company that gives you time to study on your own" ;) mannnnn this job rocks
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