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Well, Fuck you

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    Google Drive is better anyway.
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    @SpaceBearOne U mean better to spy?
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    Normally i dont use either, but a Client shared a File...
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    @SpaceBearOne how exactly? I prefer onedrive all the way
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    @Noren work/school or personal account?
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    ownCloud FTW
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    @dontbeevil At first i thought the mailadress should be connected with a e3 test environment for work, but thats not true... Anyway, i hope i still find the password somewhere / at home
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    Happened to me with Skype. There's a problem with their account merging process.
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    @d3vnu11 I think they doing it 2, but I wrote it only because he mentioned Google if he had mentioned Microsoft in a way I would write the same.
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    OneDrive is awesome. @jAsE
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    still waiting to provide some valid argument after "google drive is better anyway"
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    It's not, not even close...it's a distant third in terms of usability and speed after DP and OD. DropBox for business is my fave and worth the extra bucks...@dontbeevil
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    @intromatt about speed i don't knowand i don't care to save few secondswhen i have:
    - integration with windows 10 and place holders
    - integration with office, outlook and outlook.com
    - onedrive uwp and all platforms app
    - office online with proper office fike fornats compatibility
    - office uwp and all platforms app
    - automatic tags, OCR, albums, sync for pictures
    - integration with groove for mp3
    - groove uwp and all platforms app
    - web ui for all this apps is much cleaner and modern
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    Hey man, ABSOLUTELY not downplaying OneDrive here, it's actually where most of my data is stored (Office365 sub/placeholders) but for day to day tasks I really find Dropbox just a tad slicker, the sync client a little more reliable and quicker. @dontbeevil
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    @intromatt yeah it was mainly a reply to the first comment prefer gdrive e and providing NO reasons... Yeah I heard the delta sync of dropbox is amazing
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    Yeah man, I think the underlying tech of DropBox is just slightly and gently smoother and overally slicker than the other providers of this type of services. @dontbeevil
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    @dontbeevil More storage space, compatability with Google Docs, slicker design etc.
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    @SpaceBearOne actually it's fun, office online / onedrive good point is compatibility with office files... Gdoc is just a Google thing... And about google ui... Please...
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    Have a look at stack, https://www.transip.nl/stack/

    You might want to use google translate
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    @SpaceBearOne the interface of most of googles products are shite though. And Evert update it becomes worse. Im avoiding YouTube as much as possible because of this. Everything constantly jumps all over the place...

    I have never used any fileserver which I really liked, but I hate google drive most of all
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    @Codex404 I totally agree with you, but you know love google is cool, hate ms is cool
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