F*ckin managers...

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    They're just trying to push you to your limits. I believe in you.
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    Don't prove them wrong that would mean that you can't do it. Whenever someone says something like this to me I just say yes, it's not hard but it takes time. Give me enough time and I'll do it :)
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    @HalfBloodPrince 💯
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    Managers should have good computer science culture just like the rest of us
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    It’s just X! How hard can it be!?
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    I hate it more when IT people, my colleagues say it will be easy to develop. Because they know it wont be fucking easy, like that othef project, like the one before, nothing was easy to develop, everything was a mess. At least non-IT people don't know anything about how hard it is. 😊
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    "They don't know your pain."
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    “It’s just a button”
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    I have very good experience implementing a general rule, both amongst devs and with coworkers in general, that if you say "just" (or equivalent in another language) to another person's task or problem, you take on the responsibility of doing/solving it yourself ;)
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