Hello my Friends.

TL;DR i meditate as I draw, here’s the result. What about you?!

Does any of you exercise on any kind of meditation? Not the popular meditation forms, more alternative meditation? I. E. walking meditation, dancing meditation, reading medidation, etc. ? Remember, it’s all about being here and now and letting go of any pre-programmed thoughts, right?

I myself, have a ritual which is performes once-twice a year. I call it drawing meditation. When daylight ends, and the moon rises, I sit at my desk in a dark room with one light, which is hanging aboce the white sheet of paper. I take black pencil, turn on some music mildly and turn off my thought receiving part of the brain. I hear every thought which is passing by, but I have no attachment to it. My hands are drawing, without my interception. It feels amazing, and I believe this method helps me to clean up some space in subconscious file system.

This activity of mine, takes strangly short/long time. Once I’ve sat for about 16hours, once 6hours.

Furthermore, I’m always amazed by the abstract art pieces which are the end result. I’m attaching the image of the last drawing made in this way to the post.

Can I hear what you see in it?

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    Hmm, looks nice , i do coding meditation­čść
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    Awesome drawing, looks like it's sticking out from the paper! I see a transmitting device of some sorts, that is both electronic and organic. Or maybe a carnivorous plant.
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    This is sweet. Have you tried any sort of guided meditation?
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    Looks like an alien ship for futuristic game and I don't meditate it's just a waste of time for me. I don't like to shut my brain down :)
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    @lu1slpz only the ones targeted to beat insomnia :D
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    @HalfBloodPrince actually your brain becomes more responsive and it’s neuron activity increases while in meditation.

    Brain activity != thoughts
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    Theres this form of meditation that I find myself doing every so often that causes my whole body to vibrate (its actually the alkalizing of the blood), have interesting thoughts and other physical effects. Its a kind of like forced hyperventilation or round breathing. You can actually do it right now, doesnt matter if your standing, sitting, eyes open or closed. All you have to do is breathe deeply in and out, at a fast pace, but fully, and dont restrict air flow by nose and mouth. Let the air find its way, and in maybe 10 breaths, youll start to feel tingling in you legs, fingertips and face. If you keep going, the tingling spreads and gets more vigerous, you muscles might tighten up as well but thats ok. I tried to do some research on the effects I was feeling, and this link describes ot pretty well: https://painscience.com/articles/.... Also Wim Hof has the right idea.
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    That wasn't really a TLDR, more of a title.
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    Why do I see such a beautiful thing just now? Ffs.
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    @gitpull noone merged your request! Glad you’ve enjoyed it
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