I am hating hating hating my junior developer job. Most of my work is updating PDF's on all type of internal intranets. So my days are spent working jira ticket after jira ticket.

Internal customer submits ticket to update 3 PDF's on internal intranet for sales team. They are named so badly I can't match them unless I review all 30 links on this page. Most links with report numbers but here's is not also no notes to where in the page.

I do JIRA comment --no respose even though I tag her.

I politely email her asking her to rename the PDF's with the same file names I am replacing.

She asked it I wanted her to rename them 'other'

What??? So I asked her where she sits so I can show how to easily find the file names in the URL.

Responds with the same files renamed with more description but still not the same.

Respond again giving better instructions on how to find it and second request to where she sits.

1 day later no response!

When I get into today I am closing her ticket!

Fuck these middle aged Midwest dumb bitches!

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    Paying your dues. We all (well, most of us -- myself included) "served our terms."

    We work the job we hate to get the job we want. At least that's how it was for me. Hang in there. It gets way better.
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    @bahua Your right but I am older than the typical junior but still get idiots that speak down to me due to my position.

    Today we had a 30 minute meeting were mycorker showed a business systems analyst how to use the internet works --literately she could not locate one of our pages of one of our sights she literately was going to type in the huge URL string in the address bar.

    Also they whole room did not know about incognito.

    A senior manager misspelled confirmation several different ways in 2 different tickets.

    She also posted a screen shot of the customers security questions and answers in the JIRA ticket.

    This is what drives me to drink.
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