My first exposure to computer was at age of 6years.
My father had a very bulky laptop built by HP (I Do not remember any name of it).
It used to have sliding switch to open ,I used to put my whole power into open it.
It was running windows 98.

All I knew that time is
Start -> All program -> Accessories -> Games -> 3D Pinball !!

Then ,my father saw I was quite liking the games ,and he dual booted with fedora. I remember there was game tab with lots of flash games in fedora.
Like Tetris, games similar to candy crush, snake etc

BTW I got to know it was dual boot many years later.
I remember fedora because of that "f" logo.
I still remembered that After dual booting to Fedora, I was unable to start windows to play pinball (due to the boot option u get), I used to complain my mom that pinball opens if father starts the laptop, it doesn't open when I start!
I feel stupid now ,for that😄

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