Fellow devranters..!!

Many of you might have come to know about me in the last 24 hours as the spammer who is ++ing all your rants. It is because I had some free time on my hands and there was nothing else much to do so. Also, I came across a comment that said something about @BlueNutterfly ++ing around 40k+ rants and when she deletes her account, this platform will break. So I thought let me also try this but could only reach 5k.

While doing this I found ++ing rants was much easier than ++ing comments. The feedback was much slower in comments. Also I read some of the epic rants of legends like @linuxxx @Michelle etc. One rant worth mentioning is the face reveal one where almost everyone from the devrant hall of fame revealed their faces.

I apologize for spamming your notifs lately. Love this community and the people. Devrant rocks ✌️

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